Vine-based Sensors

Our proprietary plant-based sensors are designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements in the toughest farming environments.  Whether you want to monitor water status, cluster weight or irrigation hours, VineMetrics has a sensor to answer your toughest questions.


Derived from multiple vine and environmental metrics, our robust algorithm computes daily Water Stress that is commonly used to trigger irrigation events.  Our simple stress index ranges from a low of 1 to a high of 15 and is highly correlated with berry growth rate.  For most varieties and rootstocks a reading of 5 is a reliable irrigation trigger.  At this level of stress, vines will restrict crop development.  Proper irrigation management is key to achieving vine balance, target grape and wine quality and maximum water use efficiency.


Be confident that your farming practices are delivering the yield and quality you want with continuous Cluster Growth monitoring.  Our sensors track the weight of the cluster without damaging it or altering it's growth.  With a resolution of 0.5 grams, our sensors can track hourly weight changes.  Measure how your farming inputs such as irrigation, fertilization, chemical applications and cultural practices affect cluster development.  You will see when your clusters reach peak weight and how much weight is lost during "hang time."  Fine tune your operations to increase grape and wine quality, increase yield and minimize inputs. 


Shoot growth rate is an important indicator of vine vigor and is used by many growers to trigger their first irrigation of the season.  Our sensors track the grand period of shoot growth all the way through lignification.  Our sensors measure shoot diameter so they are not affected by hedging but they are responsive to increases in shoot diameter generated by lateral growth.  We use shoot growth data to help schedule irrigations and to assess vine vigor, balance and overall health.


Other Sensors

Vines respond to their environment.  Uncommon weather events such as dry north winds or low humidity nights can slow growth rate, increase cluster weight loss and produce higher levels of water stress.  And, these effects can vary depending on the variety, rootstock, trellis and row orientation.  For these reasons we track Temperature and Relative Humidity and calculate Vapor Pressure Deficit at all monitoring sites so we can alert our clients to these events and give them recommendations how to respond.


Tracking actual applied water is important to ensure that your irrigation schedule is being completed properly.  We install a simple pressure switch that tracks when irrigation is turned on and off.  Daily and cumulative hours by block for the season are recorded.  In 2015 we will be adding text message alerts that will notify you when the irrigation state changes so you can respond quickly if an errant irrigation is initiated.


Data Logging Device

Sturdy and reliable, our data loggers are designed to stand up to the toughest environments.  Using a proprietary design, our data loggers are protected by aluminum enclosures with integrated sun and rain shields.  Our "dog bone" attachment mechanism allows for quick and secure installation on most trellis systems using only zip ties.  Our data loggers are fully battery powered which means no solar panels to disrupt your farming operations.